Timelessness is a quality that can’t be bought. Anna Barnes is an artist who seems to be able to capture that most rare of qualities; a timeless and weathered vocal that carries echoes of some of pop cultures most recognisable female voices. 

Anna Barnes grew up in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and as such had to battle some early southern stereotypes. However, on hearing her soulful, dusky vocal, those stereotypes dissolve; this is an old soul channeling the like of Joss Stone, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. Winehouse is a particularly strong reference for Barnes, who has an easy, textured vocal that riffs and runs effortlessly whilst somehow communicating some deeper pain; there’s echoes of deeply ingrained life experiences in a vocal that stands out from the crowd. 

Anna Barnes releases her debut single, ‘Girls’, in November 2018. Critically acclaimed, it led to collaborations with artists such as Grey Ziemba and Remington and a period of work with producer Erick Bardales. Further significant output followed, with singles ‘Sometimes’, ‘Just Saying’ and most recently ‘People’, confirming a profile artist on the rise. 

Now working out of Atlanta, Georgia, Anna Barnes stands ready to drop her most hotly anticipated single yet. ‘Brokenhearted’ promises all of the soulful aching of Winehouse infused balladry, soaked in Barnes’ unique cocktail of old school soul with a new wave R&B twist. This is music for people know how to feel and a voice for people who really know their music. Immerse yourself in a classic yet altogether new sound; listen to Anna Barnes, today.